About the Author

Dr. Alex Kolker is a coastal geologist who works at Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, in Cocodrie, Louisiana. His research seeks to understand how the coastal systems function and change as a result of natural processes, and the growing human influence on coastal hydrology and global climate. While his roots are in understanding the physical and geological processes governing muddy and wetland coasts, his research profile has expanded to include uses of the data sciences to understand the wide swath of modern environmental change. Dr. Kolker has worked in a range of coastal system, including the Mississippi River Delta, the Everglades ecosystem, the northeastern United States, and North Africa, as well as the open Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. He received his Ph.D. from Stony Brook University, State University of New York. During the 2019-2021 Dr. Kolker served as a Fulbright Scholar in Morocco. He currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.